How to Make Synthetic Urine and Its Uses



Synthetic urine is a chemical solution and it has the same components and minerals that are present in real human urine. This type of urine is usually used for testing purposes. You can hardly detect any color difference between this urine and the natural one.

Laboratory scientists use the synthetic urine to test for urine equipment, tubes, and urine applicators among other tests. It is not harmful urine as professionals usually prepare it. The major difference between this and the human urine is that it is medicated and you can color it, if you want.

The major purpose of synthetic or fake urine is to prepare alternative lab tests that could be used where urine is required. Synthetic urine is prepared from original urines. It is usually collected by laboratory scientists using a glass tube and stored. The stored sample would be kept until they are needed for the experiment. Usually lives saving medications are prepared from the stored samples.

The sample urine could also be fermented to ensure multiple and future use, but this could only take place after doctors have cultured it. After culturing, the urine has to be detoxified and filtered. This enhances its usability as it could now be used for different purposes. This turns it into synthetic urine, and it can now be applied to various tasks.

Synthetic urine is harmless, because it has a balanced combination of carotene and PH. It can be used for recommended experiments using a glass tube. Before the urine is used for any purpose, it is usually tested to ascertain the atmospheric level. This is important, because certain tests could be done with it only if it is sustained at a certain atmospheric level.

There are various benefits of using synthetic urine. Medical tests required that urine should be available in sufficient quantities. The best way to guarantee the sufficiency is through the production of the synthetic urine. Moreover, the urine appears to be cost effective. In addition, it is discovered that it is safer using this urine, because it is not harmful, which means that it does not have any side effects. Medical scientists always prefer this type of urine, because it would give them a better result. It is the best for experiments, clinical tests, and trials.

Even outside the orthodox medicine, those who believe in fetishism rely on synthetic urine to cure erotic problems. Many believe that giving the urine to their partners would heat them and increase their sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. It is assumed that when hot synthetic urine is sprinkled on the body of a loved partner that it would instantly arouse her libido. This is why it is common to see men use perfumed synthetic urine to have a glamorous and romantic night with their sexual partners.

drinking-urineSynthetic urine is safer than natural urine. Drinking natural urine can be harmful to the body as it contains a virus and germs. Drinking infected urine can lead to health complications, which could even result in death. Before you take natural urine for any purpose, it is recommended that you consult medical experts. You can achieve the same medical result with synthetic urine, because they have the same odor, transparency, density, and color, just as they are found in the natural urine. Synthetic urine is natural urine that has been medicated, and all harmful components in them removed.

These days, there is an increase in demand for the synthetic urines. It is no longer difficult to lay your hands on this type of urine, because it is available in various parts of the world. Various online shops sell this urine at cheap and discounts prices. You have to check the quality of the product before you buy to make sure that you do not buy natural urine. It is advisable to check the reputation of dealers by reading reviews about them. This piece of advice is important, because there are varieties of such urine you can discover on the market. Have enough information about anyone you want to buy to ensure that it is well preserved.

Finally, and most importantly, if you want to buy it online, it is recommended that you verify the date for its expiration, as well as other chemical components available in them. Synthetic urine is very useful for humankind.

5 Tips on How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

hair302Hair follicle drug tests are becoming very popular among drug tests. This is due to the fact that hair drug tests cover a much longer duration of testing than blood and urine tests, as well as a larger number of drugs that can be detected. Also, it is more difficult to beat a hair drug test than blood and urine tests. A hair drug test typically covers a duration of 90 days, but can be a bit longer too. The name of the drug test may seem direct, but it is not the actual hair follicle that is tested. A standard 1.5 inches of the hair is usually cut right from the scalp, (or base, depending on where the sample hair is obtained from) and tested for drugs. When you use a drug, the body reacts by producing metabolites that are stored in the hair. These metabolites are what laboratory doctors use to find out what drugs you have consumed. Anyway, what happens if you have used drugs and want to get away with it? Is it possible to beat a hair follicle drug test? The simple is yes. Below are tips on how to pass a hair drug test.

1. Hair Detoxification

Masking the hair by hair products such as oil will not guarantee success in the test. This is because most testing labs methodically wash and rinse the hair strands before testing in order to wash away any masking agents. What comes close to this and actually works, is detoxifying the hair. Hair detoxifying products work by deep cleansing the hair all the way to the cortex, which is where the metabolites are stored. This method will give you a significantly higher chance of passing the drug test. Detox shampoos are quite a number and you should do a good background check on them to determine which one is right for you, both financially and based on the drugs you are being tested for (or what you use).

2. Rinsing with Vinegar

This is a popular do-it-at-home way to beat the hair drug test. You will need the following: Vinegar, salicylic acid, powder detergent, liquid detergent and dye. Simply follow these steps:

  • Saturate your hair with vinegar and leave it to sink in the scalp for around 20 minutes.
  • Apply salicylic acid (a 20% concentrated solution) and leave it to settle for around half an hour.
  • Add some liquid detergent to the hair and massage through.
  • Make a paste of powder detergent by adding a little water. Apply the mixture into the hair and let it settle for about 25-30 minutes after massaging thoroughly.
  • Rinse with water until the hair is clean.
  • Dye your hair normally.

This method also helps reduce drug detection in the hair drug test.

3. Shaving Your Hair

For this method to work, it is important to follow the instructions to the letter. Shave all of your hair. Hair drug tests can be obtained from any hair sample. This means that your pubic hair can be used just as well as from your head. Basically, it takes about a week for drug elements and metabolites to get into the hair follicle. Therefore, shave your hair about 2-3 weeks before taking your drug test. This is to allow for growth since walking into a hair drug test with a bald head and clean shaven pubic areas would raise the suspicion levels of whoever sent you for it. During this time, completely refrain from using any drugs. This will help you pass the test.

4. Baking Soda

baking%20sodaMix some baking soda powder and water to make baking soda paste. Apply this paste onto your hair and massage thoroughly so that it reaches the scalp. This will help reduce the toxin buildup in the hair, and thus the metabolites which are tested for will be lower. After this, rinse with vinegar and salicylic acid. Thereafter, rinse with water.

5. Sea Salt Bath

This method requires repeating a couple of times before taking the test, preferably over a week. Mix bicarbonate soda and apple cider vinegar then soak the hair with the mixture for about 15 minutes. Rinse and wash with water and shampoo.

5 Simple Pieces of Advice On How To Pass A Drug Test


Today most companies prefer to hire people based on various factors. One of the things that play a major role is a drug test. The most challenging scenario is when one is suddenly asked to go through a random drug screening. There are different drug testing methods available which are through blood testing, urine, saliva and hair follicle. Some of the drugs that are tested include hashish, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy among others. Check this out:

All drugs are different and have varying half life. This means each drug has their own duration of time it takes for it to dissipate from the body. These are five simply ways one can pass a drug test.

  1. You need to know the type of analysis that will be done. Although unless it is for employment, it will likely be urine although hair follicles are now becoming more popular as well. It is essential for one not to assume but be sure of the analysis that is going to be done so that you can be well prepared for it.
  1. For urine test, it is advisable not to provide a sample from the first urination. This is the dirtiest and it can be full of metabolites. Take a piss a few times before handing over the needed sample. You should not get it from the beginning or the end of the stream.
  1. Drinking some liquids like pomegranate, cranberry juice and water will reduce the chemical levels that are in the bloodstream. People that have been using this method as a way to pass a drug a assessment have reported pomegranate to work best. Saturating your body with liquids is going to dilute the residues. However, you need to know that diluting will produce clear piss with no yellow color. They are going to assume that you have diluted the sample thus rejecting it. You can give an excuse that you drink a lot of water hence the clear urine.
  1. A lot of people use detoxification products as a means for passing a drug test. If you will be using detoxification products that will take up to one week to take effect, you need to make sure that your order the products in time in order to fully cleanse your system. If one week is too long for you to abstain, look for products that work in one hour and then leave a window of time during which your system will be clean. There are some ingredients that will hide drug metabolites temporarily in your system.

After buying detox products, do not forget to include a home kit in order to assess yourself after you detoxify yourself before you go to take the official test (there’s a lot more information on this at If you test yourself after the detox, you will have plenty of time to do it again or even try something else before the main test.

  1. When it comes to marijuana, athletes have a huge advantage over other civilians. When fat is burned, marijuana byproducts are released into the blood. This is the only way one can get the metabolites out of the lipid tissue. As a result of the high metabolic rates in athletes, the byproducts move through their system at a faster rate. Working out between drug tests will clean all the metabolites from the system very fast as it lowers the detection period.

It is vital not to burn fat cells as the date of the assessment approaches. On the day of the test, it does not matter what is in your lipid tissue. What is in the urine and the blood are what matters. Exercise increases the amount of metabolites that are in the piss so stop working out a week before the test. There are drugs that can also increase metabolism in the same manner working out does but these are the same drugs that they will be testing for.

As discussed above, those are some of the well known methods that one can use to pass a drug test screening. It is essential that you know what analysis will be done and then get a home kit which you can use to test yourself. You need to be well prepared so that the outcome will be in your favor.